Birthday or Christmas?

Today, as my 2nd part of the fabulous and popular Christmas with the Crooked Cats event, I'm chatting about birthdays. Mine, and that of others. December children.

It's tough being a December birthday child. Or is it? 

Many of my online friends are Sagittarians like me. We're a creative bunch! For example, authors Nicky Wells, Mandy James and Rose McClelland are all pre-Christmas birthday girls. 

But I can see the pity in your eyes. "Poor you," you say. Must be tough getting less attention as everyone is so focused on Christmas. 

And then, "Did your parents not combine celebrations when you were little?" 

Umm, no! From an early age onwards, I pointed out an important difference to my nearest and dearest: Christmas Eve is on the 24th. My birthday is on the 20th! There are three full days in between. They may as well be three months! ;-)

"But don't you get fewer presents?" 

I never thought so. There was equal focus to make my birthday special. It was 'my' day as opposed to Christmas, which was a day for the extended family. I had my birthday parties, later converted into trips into Heidelberg for a burger and some shopping.

As for family Christmas, sadly, there are very few of my relatives left now, so I cherish the memories of my gran's and aunt's cooking. And how many birthday girls and boys can say that they have home-made Christmas cookies on their birthday? I used to love baking with my gran and still have her old cookery books, one dating back to the 1930s when she was in training. I remember good afternoons in her kitchen. Freshly baked cookies!

"But it's dark and cold!" 

You mean it's atmospheric, with festive lights everywhere? Christmas trees, cosy markets, candles and spiced hot chocolate with marshmallows or mulled wine - what more would I want?

OK, for a while I envied my summer birthday friends. Barbecues, outdoor kids' party fun, trips out. But as a true winter girl, I prefer my season. It's even snowed on my birthday now and then. One particular time there was so much, we had a snowball fight and made snow angels. Happy me!

So, to all of you who pity us: don't! We're very happy with our dramatic, warm, cosy season... :-)

Today there's sadly no snow, but hubby and I will be going for a nice meal, followed by drinkies on the Royal Mile! We might even make it to the Christmas market...


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!


PS: Today is also the re-release day for Highland Arms. Exciting! If you love historical adventure with danger and romance set in the windswept Scottish Highlands, check it out! It's now available through Crooked Cat Publishing on Amazon UK, Amazon US and Smashwords! :-) 


  1. Mine's 22nd. Found it a little difficult as a child but as I only knew that there was really nothing to compare it with. As an adult I quite like it: everyone remembers, even though the birthday cards get lost amongst the Christmas ones, I'm never in the office on my birthday and it's the day we start turning back towards the light.
    Daughter's is 8th, son-in-law's 9th, father-in-law 11th, two good friends 1st, Granny was 5th and a good writing friend is 7th January. A good friend form my choir shares my birthday. There's a lot of it about. Spring fever?

    1. Ahh, even closer. Must be something in the water during springtime! :-)

      Yes, finding birthday cards at Christmas is not unusual...

  2. Belated birthday wishes, Cathie! My birthday is on New Year's Eve and often seemed to be overlooked. Then, due to circumstances beyond my control (like deportation), I got married on my birthday so all my celebrations come at once! On the plus side, I love winter and at least I never had to work on my birthday.

    1. Thank you, Kimm.

      Ahh, New Year's Eve is another good example. Ideal about not having to go to work. I always try and take my birthday off. It's a nice treat.

      So, it's your anniversary coming up as well then? Exciting! We held our 2nd wedding do (in Germany) on my 40th birthday. I almost managed to divert everyone's attention towards the wedding... ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by.


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