Dark Deceit sequel: return to medieval Normandy

It has been a long time coming, I know. But finally – finally! – I’m about to get started on the sequel to Dark Deceit. And I can’t wait to get stuck in and meet my characters again.

It will be set a few years after DD, beginning in Normandy, where Geoffrey and Alleyne have settled into his family home, but also taking us to other exciting places, and not just England!

So, as expected, it requires much historical research into the movements of my characters – Geoffrey in particular! As the struggle for the throne continues in England, his presence is also required elsewhere by his liege lord. Again, he must choose which path to follow, whilst not forgetting to keep an eye on Will who still keeps hold of Alleyne’s manor. Poor Geoffrey can’t be in all places at all times, can he?

As NaNoWriMo is approaching, I’ve begun to plot their movements, but writing the basic first draft will be my task during November, and I’m determined to reach the magical 50,000 word mark.

Of course, I’ll also be working to finish my current two works in progress in time, so will be splitting my writing time between the stories. Busy days ahead...

Hubby will have to make sure we’re stocked up with tea, wine – and waffles!

PS: If you haven’t read Dark Deceit yet, there’s still time. It’s currently at 99p / 99c in the Crooked Cat Halloween sale! Find it in your local Amazon store here!

Happy NaNoWriMo, my friends!


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