Escape to the Scottish Highlands...

Join me on a little journey to my favourite country – Scotland

Despite my love for warmth and sunshine, my heart will always stay in the Scotland. I lived there for around 16 years, and I still miss it. The breathtaking beauty of the scenery and the fascinating history over many centuries combine to provide us with intriguing ruins and riveting tales.

Buachaille Etive Mòr, Scottish Highlands

Now you know why I – now that I live in France – still write fiction set in my previous home, my spiritual home. I think you can see why...

Hut near Culloden field

My Highland Chronicles series is currently made up of Highland Arms, and A Highland Captive, but I currently have another two stories in the pipeline. All Highland Chronicles tales are standalone, set in different times, so can be read independently from each other. Watch this space... 

Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness

Highland Arms is a tale set on the shores of Loch Linnhe, my favourite Scottish loch. A recent reviewer said: "the plot sits really well within the chosen time period, which is how all good historical fiction should be." I'm so delighted about this comment, as it's the best compliment a reader can make.

Smuggling was rife on those shores back in 'the days'. From cattle-rustling to smuggling arms and alcohol, much went on after dark on the banks of the Highland lochs.

Loch Linnhe

A Highland smuggler plotting rebellion, and a Lowland lady banished from home. You can find this "captivating" story on Amazon.

Edinburgh Castle

A Highland Captive is my latest release. It's set mainly on a small island called Eorsa off the larger isle of Mull, in the Inner Hebrides. There are records of an old settlement on that tiny island. They could not have been self-sufficient, though. Whoever lived there must have got on well with their neighbours on Mull!

A reviewer said:  "I can heartily recommend this to anyone looking for a full-blooded romantic adventure which successfully evokes both time and place." Again, I'm so grateful to this reviewer.


You see, I've never made it to Mull, nor have I caught a glimpse of Eorsa. But my lovely author friend Yvonne Marjot (check out her fabulous books!) has kindly provided me with beautiful photos. A trip for the future... 

Loch Ness

You can find A Highland Captive in Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon


Here are a few more of my favourite places across Scotland, where my heroes and heroines (may) have walked the earth...

Pap of Glencoe

The Pap signifies the western entrance to Glencoe, the valley that runs between rugged hills west to east. Best remembered for the notorious attack by Robert Campbell of Glenlyon and government troops on members of Clan MacDonald in February 1692. Sneakily, they abused the much-respected Highland hospitality of the clan they suspected of being Jacobites.

Mary King's Close, Edinburgh

Old graveyard on the shores of Loch Ness
Moray Firth, outside Inverness
And lastly, meet Nessie...

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