Promo: Silver Season by Jen Black

Today, I'm delighted to share a new release by my historical fiction and romance author friend, Jen Black. Her new novel, Silver Season, is out today. Many congratulations, Jen! 

Discover an intriguing story that you won't forget that easily! 

Silver Season by Jen Black

Publication: 27th November 2020


Set in the heady heatwave summer of 1911, Silver Season shows how one risky act can ruin a family or be the thing that holds everything together. 

“Can betrayal ever save a marriage?”

Ellen Montgomery, born in Boston, USA, has married the heir to the 5th Marquess of Durrington in Yorkshire. Three years after the wedding, the family is questioning the absence of a child to continue the line. Increasingly worried, Ellen fears her husband may divorce her and seek someone who can give him the child he needs. In the aristocratic world of house parties and coronation dinners, she discovers there are opportunities to be had, if she dares to take them. 

Will her choice fall on a handsome stranger, a loyal servant or one of her husband’s set? Will he be loyal, and keep her secret? To choose the wrong man would bring terrible consequences.

Her choice made and intending nothing more than one encounter, Ellen finds herself drawn against her will into a heady affair. Soon afterwards the hidden family secret that threatens her world is brought to light. Once one secret is out, others soon follow.

Juliet Nicolson described 1911 as one of the “high, sunlit meadows of English history” when rich, self-indulgent upper classes were more than a little decadent in their behaviour. Many had no idea that war clouds were looming and their lovely lives would be smashed to pieces.



When it was over, she lay still, staring at the ceiling, waiting for her breath to settle and the heat to leave her. His bare shoulder touched her, and one of his hands rose, hovered uncertainly and then fell gently back to her abdomen. “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?”
Ellen stiffened in shock. Watch what you say, she told herself. Tread carefully. How did he know? It never occurred to her to challenge his assumption, or to deny it but before she could frame a cautious sentence, he raised himself on one elbow and gazed down at her.
“Don’t lie to me, I’m a farmer and I’m used to dealing with animals.”
“I am not one of your sheep,” she snapped. “If sheep are what you keep.”
“I don’t keep anything, as yet. But I work with beasts, day in and out. I know the signs.”
“Are the signs the same in both sheep and women?”
His expressive eyes with those luxurious dark lashes regarded her without flinching. “I wish you would stop trying to make a joke of it. What is it that worries you? Do you think I will rush out and shout to the rooftops that I’ve got you with child?”
“I am far from making a joke of it, as you should know. We don’t know that it is yours, do we? It could equally be sired by Charles.”
He seized on the one thing that mattered. “Then it is true? I thought so.”
This time she did not respond.
He sat up, his back to her, and dipped his head into his clasped hands. Not wanting to speak, she watched the play of muscle in his shoulders and when the silence went on, stretched out her hand. His flesh had cooled, and the bloom of perspiration had dried. The slight indentations between his ribs shuddered a little under the force of his breathing.
“What is it?” she asked. “Does it upset you that I sleep with my husband?” 
He straightened and faced her. “I’m thinking that one day my son will be the 7th Marquess of Durrington.”

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