New location photos uploaded

All the paperwork's now with my editor at TWRP so we're all set to go. Can't wait to start editing HA now. There are a few bits where I made Rory a bit of a nasty piece of work and didn't know at the time how to change him to someone more sympathetic as it would have spoilt the scenes. So I'm looking forward to my editor's suggestions & comments. Exciting!

Just uploaded new pics on my website at Go check them out! The latest three pics are shots from Normandy, two of Falaise Castle (or what little is left of it - though the internal exhibition tour is amazing!) and the third is the Tour Marguerite - the only remaining city tower of Argentan from the 12th century. Just standing outside it was an amazing moment.

Digging out those pics makes me want to go back to Normandy. Fingers crossed I'll make it next year... ;-)


  1. It is so exciting, well done you. Am dying to be in your situation ;-)


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