Preparing for Submission

I'm on my last day of a week's leave. ~sob sob~

So I'm a little hurried to get chapters 1-3 of my 'Anarchy' part 1 ready for submission. I'm not sure how difficult it is to sell a trilogy to a new publisher but I'm about to find out! ;-)

Chapter 1 is completed and I'm happy with it but chapter 2 needs a little more tweaking. Only then can I address chapter 3 again for what seems like the 50th time! The help and feedback I receive from writer friends is so important as it shows me issues I - as the creator of the piece - don't see. Always wise to have a few more pairs of eyes.

And, of course, it's time for preparing a query letter and synopsis. I don't like drafting them as you have to really sell yourself - and I'm not a sales person. Going back to the query and synopsis for Highland Arms, the focus is again on the storyline. Easier with a one-off novel; trickier with a trilogy which isn't completed yet. No doubt, I'll have fun! ;-)

I'm going to approach a UK publisher of historical fiction first. Wish me luck!


  1. Ah, the dreaded query and synopsis! All the best with your submission, Cathie!

  2. Oh, yes. :-) Thank you, Rosemary!


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