Dark Deceit handed over!

Finally, I've completed all the line edits and proofs for Dark Deceit. Phew!

~looks for glass of wine~

Ahh, bliss. Now all it needs is for the folks at Crooked Cat Publishing to upload it, ready for its release on Friday 10th February 2012!

I'll host a release day party here on the day so make sure you'll pop in to win a copy of your choice (electronic of some sort, of course). And then the nailbiting begins. Are folk going to like it? ~nervous giggle~

I sincerely hope so. I've felt a little sad about letting it go. After 8 years in the making, I'm not ready yet to let go of the plot. But then, I have two sequels to write, so I won't say goodbye to Geoffrey and Alleyne just yet. Lucky me!

Just as a reminder, here's the trailer again:

Happy days!


  1. I just cannot get enough of that extraordinary trailer ... I had to watch it another time !!!! I'm kind of addicted to it ... HELP !!!!

  2. All the best with your new novel, Cathy - great trailer!

  3. Thank you, BlackTulip and Rosemary. I must admit I quite like it too... ;-)


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