Spring forward...

... right into a new blog design! ;-)

With a new season comes change. Positive change, of course.

After the frustrating to-ing and fro-ing with my hijacked website, I've decided to expand this blog to incorporate all the website pages, all updated. Eventually, I'll use the web addy for it, but not just yet.

So, gone is the suspenseful, dark landscape. Yes, I'll miss it too, but this new design fits my current mood. Red. Action. Power. Heat. And perhaps a sense of daring...

A brief update on my current projects - the contemporary suspense is going to be a full-length romance, so I've taken my other WIP, a Scottish medieval romance called Captured by the Knight, to turn into a novella. It's much better suited.

Saving Isobel de Moray from abduction by mercenaries, Cailean MacKinnon, a Scottish knight, takes her to his island castle. But does she believe his assurances to keep her safe, out of loyalty to her father? Or is he simply after a wife for himself?

Expect plenty of sizzling tension! ;-)


  1. Sorry about all the trouble you had to go through with your site. I like the new look, it is really nice..

  2. Thank you, Savannah. Nice of you to pop in. Yes, having your website hacked into is a nightmare. Nearly back on track though. Phew! ;-)

  3. Hi Cathie! The site looks amazing...I love the color too. And your little snippet of your story sounds very exciting! WTG YOU!!!!

  4. Like the new look! Story sounds awesome!

    1. I'm very sorry for your hijacked website ... but what exactly happened ?

      This new look reminds me of a potpourri of petals with its bewitching fragrance, in fact for me it feels very soothing, strange, n'est-ce pas !?

      I'm looking forward to reading this new Scottish novella ...

  5. Thank you, Christine and Jennifer. So glad you like the design. It definitely needed an overhaul. lol :-)

    Black Tulip, malware got into one of the widgets in my Wordpress-based website cathiedunn.com. Was a pain to get rid of. Had to get my host people to remove the links manually as I couldn't do it. They'd locked me out of my own website. :( Glad you like the design. Merci.

    Thanks for visiting, ladies!


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