Victoria Lamb's Witchstruck Blog Tour

Today, I'm sharing news of a fabulous blog tour where participants are in for a chance to win a copy of historical fiction author Victoria Lamb's new release, Witchstruck, a fast paced YA story.

Find the dates & venues here:

I'm currently enjoying her first release, The Queen's Secret, set at the court of Elizabeth I. Political intrigues, adventures and love. A fabulous mix, full of lively detail and interesting characters.

Blurb for Witchstruck:

Meg Lytton has always known of her dark and powerful gift. Raised a student of the old magick by her Aunt Jane, casting the circle to see visions of the future and concocting spells from herbs and bones has always been as natural to Meg as breathing. But there has never been a more dangerous time to practise the craft, for it is 1554, and the sentence for any woman branded a witch is hanging, or burning at the stake.

Sent to the ruined, isolated palace of Woodstock to serve the disgraced Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII and half-sister of Queen Mary, Meg discovers her skills are of interest to the outcast princess, who is desperate to know if she will ever claim the throne. But Meg's existence becomes more dangerous every day, with the constant threat of exposure by the ruthless witchfinder Marcus Dent, and the arrival of a young Spanish priest, Alejandro de Castillo, to whom Meg is irresistibly drawn - despite their very different attitudes to her secret.

Thrilling and fast-paced, this is the first unputdownable story in a bewitching new series.

Discover more about Victoria Lamb and her novels, Witchstruck and The Queen's Secret, on her Amazon profile.


  1. Thanks Cathie! Yes, I must put up details of how to grab that free copy for following the blog tour. In my excitement I seem to have forgotten, lol.

    Went to bed at 5.30am today, having hit Send on my revised ms of His Dark Lady for the Lucy Morgan series, then got up at 9am to start posting out blog tour details for Witchstruck!

    Think I may need a nap later. LOL. And many thanks for all your help and support this weekend. I owe you big-time. xxx

    1. You're very welcome, Victoria.

      Urgh, less than four hours sleep would render me utterly useless. I couldn't as much type a post, never mind string together a sentence. Glad your ms has left your desk now.

      Good luck with the tour - and enjoy your nap! ;-)


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