FEAR Charity Anthology has arrived! Be very afraid!

No worries, I haven't switched genres. ~shudders~ I'm only promoting a new anthology for a good cause:

FEAR: A Modern Anthology of Horror and Terror

I can't watch Horror movies, and usually don't even read anything scarier than a psychological drama (my recent faves being Frances di Plino's Bad Moon Rising and Tom Gillespie's Painting by Numbers). But for FEAR, I'll make an exception.


Because FEAR is for charity!

The anthology, released by Crooked Cat Publishing, comes in two volumes, so readers get sixty (that's 60!) stories to terrify them. And neither the publisher, nor the many wonderful authors, get a penny. Of course, Amazon take their share, but all the rest goes to two worthy causes.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
An international, independent humanitarian organisation providing medical support and aid in the most troubled and poorest countries on the planet.

Looking after the welfare of children in the UK, Barnardo's is a long established charity looking for support.

With forewords by bestselling authors, Peter James and Sherri Browning Erwin, FEAR has received wonderful support.

So don't hesitate! Grab your copy of FEAR – and prepare to hide behind the sofa!

I'm there already...

FEAR is now available for Kindle or in paperback on Amazon UK and Amazon Worldwide
and in a range of electronic formats at Crooked Cat Books!


  1. It's one of the genre that my hubby likes ! and it's such an easy way to help.
    I love the covers, it gives only a subtle idea of the genre and leaves the rest to your imagination ....
    Have a great day ^_^

    1. Thank you, BlackTulip. Hubby designed the covers. The whole thing is his project.

      I hope you're well.


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