Halloween Newsletter from Crooked Cat Publishing

My publisher, Crooked Cat, have just issued their first newsletter. ~drum roll~

The theme is...



And I'm featured in it with an article. :-) Turnip Lanterns and Apple Dookin is about historic traditions in Scotland.

Browse articles, features and interviews with fellow authors Nancy Jardine, Tom Gillespie, Frances di Plino, Michela O'Brien, Ailsa Abraham, Kim Walker, Sarah Louise Smith and of course, the multi-talented David Robinson who put the feature together. He shares an excerpt from A Halloween Homicide, the latest in his series of cosy murder mysteries.

So check it out now!

Crooked Cat Halloween Newsletter


  1. It was a very interesting and funny newsletter to read ! :)

    When I was a child there was no "Halloween" in France but there was "Mardi Gras". (A Catholic "Fête " just before Easter) My maternal grandmother was very gifted at creating all kind of customs and I remember very well how happy and impatient I was to wear my "Snow White" costume (my favorite!) and to see myself in the mirror... unforgettable memories of very happy times, long gone .... ^_^

    1. Ahh, very interesting. :-) Sounds like our German carnival - with traditional processions and people getting dressed up on the Monday before Shrove Tuesday. Funny how international traditions overlap.

      Thanks for reading!


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