An Interview with a Sleuth!

Joe Murray, of Sanford 3rd Age Club fame, is visiting today, so I took the chance to quiz him before he starts pestering the locals for information about missing chocolate eggs.

Joe? Joe!! Ahh, there you are...

1)  It’s Easter. You’re in Weston-super-Mare. Whatever happens on the Great Egg Hunt?
I don’t wanna say too much, but I get my feet wet. That’s because it’s raining. It rained all the way from Sanford to Weston-super-Mare and when we got there, it rained even harder. And I think you’ll be surprised by what I did turn up on the Great Egg Hunt. It wasn’t just Easter eggs, although to be truly honest, it wasn’t my discovery. It was Sheila’s.

2)  You’re quite a way from home. How do the locals take to a stranger investigating a murder?
The police were okay… eventually. As usual, they called our Gemma in Sanford, and she put them right. It’s handy having a niece who’s also a Detective Sergeant. The locals were a bit more iffy. I think it’s a language difficulty. They don’t speak the same English as we do in West Yorkshire. I found some of them quite, er, confrontational, but I never expected them to throw a chocolate egg at me.

3) I hope Sheila and Brenda aren’t putting themselves into harm’s way. Can you keep them safe?
Hah! Keep ’em safe? It was the men in Weston-super-Mare I needed to keep safe from Brenda. They’re tough cookie, you know, Sheila and Brenda. It’s how they bring us up in Sanford, and the truth is, it was me who needed security, not them. Having seventy friends in town helped. You don’t argue with the likes of George Robson or Brenda Jump.

4) What’s in store for the STAC members in future? Any more (murderous) holidays planned?
We have any number of plans, but most of them have to be ratified by the membership. For the immediate future, we have a wedding to attend in the summer, and I do have business to run, you know. I’m already negotiating with a big distribution company in Sanford to cater for their Christmas thrash. Somewhere along the line, I’d like to get a proper holiday in, too. The girls are going to Majorca later in the year. Tempting to join them, but to be honest, I prefer Scarborough.

Thank you, Joe. Looking forward to a fancy summer wedding already...

You can follow the adventures of Joe, and his trusted sidekicks Sheila and Brenda in David W Robinson's chart-topping Sanford 3rd Age Club murder mystery series. 

Blurb - The Chocolate Egg Murders:
It’s Somerset for the Sanford 3rd Age Club and, at a busy charity weekend in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, Joe, Sheila and Brenda are looking forward to a relaxing time.

But along with the chocolate for the Great Egg Hunt, someone has hidden a body, and even before the rain stops, the STAC are in the thick of it. Threatened with violence as he tries to learn the identity of the bad-tempered redhead wandering round town, embroiled in blackmail and hidden personal histories, while the body count rises, Joe and his two companions struggle to make sense of what is going on around them.

With the Easter Bonnet Parade to come, it’s obvious these are no accidents.

They’re MURDER... amongst the chocolate eggs.


About the Author:
A Yorkshireman by birth, David W Robinson is a retired hypnotherapist and former adult education teacher, now living on the outskirts of Manchester with his wife and crazy Jack Russell called Joe (because he looks like a Joe).

A freelance writer for almost 30 years, he is extensively published, mainly on the web and in small press magazines. His first two novels were published in 2002 and are no longer available. His third novel, The Haunting at Melmerby Manor was published by Virtual Tales (USA) in 2007. He writes in a number of genres, including crime, sci-fi, horror and humour, and all his work has an element of mystery. His alter-ego, Flatcap, looks at the modern world from a cynical, 3rd age perspective, employing various levels of humour from subtle to sledgehammer. David also writes gritty thrillers under the pen name, David Robinson.

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