This and that...

So, here we are. The first of February. How did that happen? Well, I'll tell you.

The last five weeks have been a bit of a personal roller-coaster.

After the successful re-release of Highland Arms, I spent a wonderful Christmas Day with hubby

and his lovely step-dad, Joe, who was widowed last August. It made a welcome change to the usual routine of just the two of us. Cooking for a third person was fun, and he very much enjoyed his turkey with all the trimmings. He gave it a nice thumbs up! :-)

Then, near the end of the year, Joe took ill. The first time, really, in his 93 years. Over the next three weeks hubby and I visited him daily, and it was heart-breaking to watch. Sadly, the great sailor Joe passed away last week Saturday. He's now roaming the great seas in the sky.

So our minds are currently all over the place. Not with work, writing, editing or designing. A break away soon will be very welcome.

What's going on apart from that? Well, hubby has started German evening classes and I'm taking French classes to become up to speed for my level 2 French university studies in October. On y va...

And even though we've been busy, the next instalment in The Highland Chronicles, tentatively entitled Highland Escape, is coming along slowly but surely. I've revisited my draft, and fleshed it out a bit. I tend to race through the plot, meaning it would have ended up at novella length! Now that the brakes are on, I'm spending more time on each scene.

The Isle of Mull. The Wars of Independence. A knight without family ties. A young lady without a home. Sparks are flying, and not just from the clashing swords...

In the meantime, feel free to grab your copy of Highland Arms. It regularly crops up in the Amazon genre charts and it loves a nice outing! ;-)


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