Novel spotlight: Take Me Now by Nancy Jardine

I'm delighted to welcome back the lovely Nancy Jardine, author of contemporary and historical romantic mysteries. Today, she's talking about her novel, Take Me Now. It's a gem of a romance. A definite must-read!

So, here's more to whet your appetite...

Hello Cathie, thank you for the opportunity to return to your lovely blog.

Readers who already know me will have learned that I like to write across different genres. Variety is the name of my game and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, since it’s the type of writing which comes naturally to me.

In my historical romantic adventures, I love to immerse myself in the distant past and write about daily life in Celtic /Roman Britain. For that, I have to don my imaginary cap and make educated guesses beyond the facts I can glean from historical sources and archaeological interpretive assessments.

Yet, I also love the almost freedom of writing contemporary mysteries, of which I’ve now written three, one of them more humorous than the others.

Take Me Now, my contemporary romantic corporate-sabotage mystery, was an absolute pleasure to
write because I didn’t need to be careful of speech rhythms as in my historical novels and I didn’t have to be so watchful of anachronisms slipping through the editing net. Contemporary dialogue comes to the page more easily than historical for me and that’s maybe the case for other authors who write across those genres.

It was so enjoyable to create my kind of highland hero, Nairn Malcolm, a battered around the edges alpha male who has difficulty accepting his limitations after a mysterious motorbike accident at the beginning of the story. Yet Nairn’s not the only casualty. I call it a corporate-sabotage mystery since his businesses are also the target for malicious mayhem.

Aela Cameron, a feisty and resourceful lass from Vancouver, Canada, is a direct contrast to the incapacitated Nairn as the story unfolds. Making her a strong, agile woman with all the skills that Nairn needs in a hurry wasn’t too onerous but injecting a bit of humour into the plight Nairn finds himself in meant using different writing skills. I’d not attempted something akin to romantic comedy before, but I’m sure I’ll try it again.

Take Me Now is a mystery which needs to be solved but it isn’t a police procedural one where Mr. Detective steps in to solve the crimes. Neither does Nairn hire a private detective to find the saboteur, so it’s not that kind of mystery, either. I suppose it’s a ‘DIY’ mystery where my protagonists find the answers themselves…with only a little bit of help from the police.

You know—I might just start calling it my DIY mystery instead of a corporate-sabotage one.
Take Me Now is available from
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Nancy Jardine writes: historical romantic adventures (Celtic Fervour Series); contemporary mystery thrillers (Take Me Now, Monogamy Twist, Topaz Eyes – finalist for THE PEOPLE’S BOOK PRIZE 2014) & time-travel historical adventures for Teen / YA readers (Rubidium Time-Travel Series – Book 1 The Taexali Game).

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  1. Hello, Cathie. It's great to visit you today.

    1. Hello Nancy. Always lovely to have you here. Take Me Now is a fabulous story.


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