New Year's Wishes

We're already well into the new year. For some, it brings more of the same (positive or sad). For others, new adventures beckon.

2014 and 2015 have been sad years, with us losing first my mother-in-law to cancer in August 2014, and last January, my father-in-law followed her. He made it to 93. Quite an achievement for the old sailor! Bless.

Last September, hubby and I travelled to Dorset where he grew up. We met with his extended family and scattered my in-laws' ashes on Stonebarrow Hill near Lyme Regis. They're now forever enjoying the sea views and fresh air. I couldn't imagine a more befitting and wonderfully peaceful (if a tad breezy) spot. The perfect resting place.

Stonebarrow Hill, Dorset
In 2016, big changes lie ahead for me and hubby, but I can't reveal those as yet. All I can say is, exciting (if a little scary) times ahead! :-)

I'm also going to make sure to set aside time to write. I've woefully neglected my creative side in recent years, but this year will see a change.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2016. Make the most of spending time with your loved ones. Life is precious, and it can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Much love.


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