The Awards Season has begun...

Yes, it's raining awards for my novels! 

Love Lost in Time has received an award with a wonderful 5* review from The Coffee Pot Book Club, and A Highland Captive has won the Chill with a Book Readers’ Award

Love Lost in Time has also received a lovely new 4* review from Reedsy Discovery.

Some really nice comments. 😍 Have a read!

Love Lost in Time:

"From the richness of Charlemagne's court and the regret of a daughter, as she stands over her mother's grave, to the realisation of an enemy and a skeleton under the kitchen floor, Love Lost in Time: A Tale of Love, Death and Redemption by Cathie Dunn is the unforgettable story that traverses two very different times."

I'm so thrilled! She goes on to say:

"Dunn has penned a very bold and ambitious book, and yet, she has scrumptiously balanced the two eras and made both periods utterly compelling."

This made my year. Many thanks!

Find the full review here! My thanks goes to Mary-Anne Yarde of The Coffee Pot Book Club.


Love Lost in Time has also received a wonderful 4* review at Reedsy Discovery:

"The interweaving stories of the present and past work well together. Hilda’s story gives more weight to Madeleine’s mysterious discovery and Madeleine’s story helps tie up the end of Hilda’s. This will be a great match for those who like stories that shift between the present and past. While there is mystery and intrigue, the romance helps lighten up the story to keep it from getting too tragic as does the happy ending."

Find the full review here! Thank you to Kate Valent, reviewer at Reedsy Discovery.


A Highland Captive:

A "thoroughly enjoyable book... I felt this book was very well balanced, has an engaging and interesting storyline; good, strong characters..."

Thank you so much. I'm very happy.

Find the review here with links to Amazon! Many thanks to Pauline Barclay and her reviewers at Chill with a Book.


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