Review: Lady Edith's Lonely Heart by Audrey Harrison

I'm absolutely delighted to share my review of Lady Edith’s Lonely Heart by Audrey Harrison. A fabulously gripping tale! My thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and the author for a review copy.

I read this novel in two sittings on consecutive evenings. It was absorbing, engaging and witty. 

It’s the intriguing tale of Lady Edith, whose mother is keen to see her wed at the age of twenty-three. But who has ideas of marrying for love. Is that so impossible? She soon discovers who it is she wants, but fate seems to be against her. 

I found the characters well-drawn and realistic, with Ralph’s family conflict adding to the drama. Where he seems aloof, withdrawn from society, there is a good reason. And eventually, that conflict will resolve itself...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lady Edith’s Lonely Heart, and would highly recommend it to readers of Regency romance with a touch of adventure. I shall be looking for more books by the author. 


Lady Edith’s Lonely Heart

A dashing tale of romance from a bestselling author of Regency Romance.

She is under pressure to find a husband she doesn't want. 

He keeps to the fringes of society because of family constraints. 

Will the written word be enough to bring two lost souls together? 

Lady Edith Longdon is an heiress, in danger of being classed a spinster, and disillusioned with the fops, dandies, and fortune hunters surrounding her in society. Deciding it’s time to take her future into her own hands, she devises a foolproof way of finding someone she can love. She's convinced nothing could go wrong… 

Lord Ralph Pensby, overwhelmed by a sense of obligation, and with no one he can turn to, is adrift from those around him…

Two people drawn together, both on a journey which will affect them in ways they could never have foreseen. Secret correspondence, mistrust and confusion, not to mention cads of the highest order, make this novel a fast-paced, heart-warming story, with appealing characters and a strong sense of time and place. 

Perfect for lovers of all things Regency. 

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Audrey was born about two hundred years too late. She wants to belong to a time when men were men and women were dressed in gowns and could float, simper and sigh.

In the real world she has always longed to write, writing a full manuscript when she was fourteen years old. Work, marriage and children got in the way as they do and it was only when an event at work landed her in hospital that she decided to take stock. One Voluntary Redundancy later, she found that the words and characters came to the forefront and the writing began in earnest.

So, although at home more these days, the housework is still neglected and meals are still late on the table, but she has an understanding family, who usually shake their heads at her and sigh. That is a sign of understanding, isn't it?

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